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Search Tips

THIS IS A NEW WEBSITE: Plans are being uploaded almost weekly. If you don’t see a plan that’s right for you, contact your representative (see “ABOUT US”) or the main office and tell us your criteria. The odds are good we have one that fits that has yet to be uploaded.

PROPERTY FIRST: Likely one of the first questions your area representative will ask is if you have your property. It’s fun to look for plans and we’re only too happy to help, but it’s usually to your advantage to have your property first. It’s easier to fit a plan to a lot than vice-versa. A great design takes full advantage of your property’s strengths, while minimizing any of its weaknesses.

EXPAND YOUR SEARCH AREA: Overlap your target square footage. Your “perfect layout” might be the result of adding or subtracting a room from an existing plan outside of your target size. It happens often.

FIND A FLOOR PLAN FIRST: Obviously, it’s great when you can find the perfect exterior and interior layout in one plan. But know a floor plan can have a variety of exterior styles. If you find the right floor plan, contact your representative for designing the exterior style you want.

GARAGE SIZE AND ENTRY: Garage doors can almost always be either side load or front load by simply moving them from one wall to another. Similarly, we can almost always add a third stall if required.

NEW DEVELOPMENTS: Developers, contact our office for designing plans to fit your new development specifications, both single or multi-dwelling. We have decades of experience designing homes for today’s market that will beat your competition.

THOUSANDS OF PLANS: That’s how many plans Stephen Davis has designed in his 30-plus year career. If you don’t see what you want on our website, contact your representative. We have a huge backlog of plans.

CUSTOM DESIGN: While Stephen Davis has a reputation for designing signature, high end custom homes that are understandably not for resale due to consideration for our clientele, feel free to inquire about designing any size custom home for you if you’re unable to find a plan that fits your criteria. It’s common for us to reduce our custom fee with the understanding that we may re-sell your design.

BASEMENT PLAN DEFINITION: Plans that require a basement to have at least 3 bedrooms

SQUARE FOOTAGE BAR: Denotes main and upper floors only.